"Very good design & good value for money" 
Real Swing Golf
"Very good design & good value for money" - Real Swing Golf

Weather Forecast

Weather forecast site that provides 7 day weather forecasts for all parts of the world

Nearly 700,000 people visit Weather Forecast Uk each year. It provides weather forecasts, articles on the weather and allows businesses to create their own pages on the website.
Briidea was asked to review the site, update, redesign and increase visitors and revenue.

Results: Ad revenues increased by over 3,000%


  • Directory site
  • WordPress
  • Adsense
  • SEO
  • Analytics and Reporting

The Design

The site was reviewed to see which areas needed to be redesigned first and quick wins were identified.
Adsense had been used on the site and did generate some income but Briidea felt that this was being under exploited.
The site was also running on an overpowered server which meant that running costs were high.

Process and Development

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We moved the site to a better suited dedicated server, which significantly reduced costs. Even though hosting costs were less, performance increased slightly based on the new hosting company choice. Various sections of the sites were redesigned, adsense placement was optimised and additional articles were added to the website.

Results: Visitors and views increased significantly. There was nearly a 400% increase in visitors and page views increased by nearly 500% YoY.

Ad revenues increased by over 3,000%

Adsense Revenue Weather Forecast

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