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Now To Business allows you to search for businesses and organisations locally and nationally, quickly and without the clutter usually found on a business directory website. Here you will find clean, up to date business listings on lightning fast pages, with nothing to distract you from finding a business to suit your needs.

Briidea were asked to redesign the main website, improve SEO, add a blog and connecting the site to email marketing software.


  • Web Directory
  • WordPress
  • Email marketing

The Design

The design was kept simple while utilising current web design trends. Briidea designed and incorporated their branding into the design whilst keeping a modern and contemporary feel. the blog was added and reworked to give it a more up to date feel. The result was a website that contains many unique design components and meets the needs of the client

Now To Business

Process and Development

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The Now to Business website was built in two parts the Web Directory and blog. Both using a custom theme and powered by Briidea's optimised framework that provides great site stability, performance and flexibility. Once the new site was ready, Listings was exported from their existing site database and transferred to the new site.
As with all projects, the planning and consultation phase played a major role in ensuring success and efficiency.

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Based in Manchester, we serve small to medium sized businesses all over the UK. We provide a full range of affordable website services including Web Design, eCommerce solutions and Search Engine Optimisation. 

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